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Wednesday night, Vice President Mike Pence and democratic Senator Kamala Harris went head to head for this year’s vice presidential debate.

Political science professor Andrew Dowdle said polls point to Sen. Harris as the winner of this debate, but most people view the winner as whoever is on their party’s ticket.

He said what we saw on the debate stage Wednesday night was a more constructive showing than the somewhat chaotic exchange between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

With the president’s health in question, talks of a virtual debate have begun.

But, the administration said it will not participate if it’s not in-person.

Dowdle said debates are voluntary, and parties can pull out if they want.

But history shows virtual debates have been done before, so Dowdle said it’s tough to nail down the president’s incentive to not participate.

He said, “This may be an attempt to try to end up ensuring they get some type of compromises to try and bring him back in, however I don’t see Vice President Biden having a lot of incentive to compromise.”

The next presidential debate is set to be on Oct. 15.