FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A University of Arkansas professor of Geosciences and the Middle East said the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey were unfortunately not a surprise to experts in his field.

Professor Tom Paradise said Turkey and Syria are located where two faults come together.

“High density, bad buildings, bad place, known for earthquakes, and those three things come together in this whole part of Turkey and Syria, and add into the mix Syrians that are living in really awful conditions,” Paradise said.

Paradise said researchers will have to investigate whether a lot of tension at the faults was relieved, and that could help determine if another big earthquake in that area could happen in the near future.

“These fissures and cracks that are forming in the earth are a good sign because it did release a lot of energy,” Paradise said.

Paradise said the recovery efforts will take decades in Turkey and Syria.

“It also involves things like rebuilding the city, building new cisterns and water, but also medical, long-term medical assistance and mental health,” Paradise said.