FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The postponement of Bikes, Blues & BBQ will be a big hit to local restaurants.

Steve Clark, CEO and president of the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce, said postponing the event was a hard decision because of it’s impact on the hospitality industry.

“They’re going to suffer a pretty big weekend again,” Clark said.

Claire Hoskins, general manager at Foghorn’s, said Bikes, Blues & BBQ always keeps the restaurant busy.

“Normally we get phenomenal business from Bikes, Blues and BBQ, people are always in and out from the first day to the very last day,” Hoskins said.

Even though there won’t be an official rally in September, Hoskins still expects customers to visit who already had plans to attend the event.

“Even last year when it was cancelled, bikers did their own little rally and we still did really good business,” Hoskins said.

Other big events in Fayetteville like football games are still happening and those will be a boost to businesses that won’t be able to rely on the rally.

“We still have been able to do good enough business that even if it is cancelled any more business that comes in no matter what it is, is just added to it,” Hoskins said.