SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A federal judge blocks Arkansas’ Social Media Safety Act.

It was set to take effect September 1 and would’ve required Arkansans to verify their age to create a social media account. Anyone under 18 years of age would’ve also needed parental consent to start an account.

“Children can be sexually exploited. Children can be kidnapped. Recently, we’re seeing children that are being blackmailed for photographs or for information, things like that. So it’s very dangerous out there,” said Derek Spicer, captain of the special operations division for the Siloam Springs Police Department.

The special operations division of the Siloam Springs Police Department acts as a task force dedicated to preventing the dangers of social media.

When local mom Beverly Vanover’s daughter was a teenager, she says she kept a watchful eye on her whenever she was online.

“Just knowing what they’re doing. How can you protect them if you don’t reasonably know what they’re doing, where they are? And it could be anywhere if they’re on social media,” said Vanover.

Vanover said she was also transparent with her daughter about the danger of social media.

“It’s really important. They need to know what we know as adults that can end up putting them at risk when they’re on social media age appropriately will be important,” said Vanover.

Spicer says you can help your kids keep safe while using social media by doing this.

“Just be an active parent and just be an interested parent. And the child is not going to like that. They’re going to think you’re trying to control them. They’re not going to understand you’re looking out for their best interests. But just be active in their lives, especially their social media lives,” said Spicer.

Spicer also encourages parents to stay aware and alert when it comes to social media.