ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on September 28, and non-profits in Arkansas are getting ready to help with cleanup and recovery.

The American Red Cross and Sheep Dog Impact Assistance in Northwest Arkansas are planning to provide shelter, medical attention, and ways to rebuild Florida communities after the storm.

Julie Brown, executive director for the American Red Cross, says her organization offers help in a variety of ways.

“We help set up shelters, we do feeding, we have supplies, whether it be bottled of water, cleanup kits, and kind of stuff,” said Brown.

Brown says during natural disasters, the American Red Cross does a nationwide call to action with a disaster this large.

“Currently, we have hundreds of volunteers, staff. Our workforce supplies deployed and positioned in readiness mode for what is coming ashore,” said Brown.

Sgt. Maj. Lance Nutt, CEO of Sheep Dog Impact Assistance, says the organization focuses more on the heavy-duty and cleanup.

“What we do is chainsaw work. That’s clearing trees and debris out of the road and helping remove trees off driveways and homes,” said Nutt.

Nutt says during the disaster missions, donations are critical to providing the proper assistance for Florida residents.

“Donations are critical for any type of mission like this. Fuel prices the way they’re, it’s going to be very expensive to drive into Florida with gear and equipment and come back,” Nutt said.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson also announced on Facebook on September 28 that Arkansas’ Department of Management is ready to aid the people of Florida.

“Arkansas stands ready to aid the people of Florida and any other state in the path of Hurricane Ian, I have directed our Division of Emergency Management to provide assistance as needed,” Hutchinson said.