Some Benton County locals are fighting to have city water connected to their homes. 

It’s an issue they’ve been battling with the city of Dectaur for years. 

Jeff Broadston is a Decatur resident. He said, “They said that back in ’09 they were building a new sewer plant. And after that they would try to consider that.”

Broadston feel’s like he’s hit a dead end, after voicing his concerns of not having city water to Decatur officials multiple times. 

“My oldest neighbor, Mr. Burton and his wife have been asking for over 17 years now,” said Broadston. 

Decatur city limits are small, but people living just outside of those limits said they’re in need of clean water. Broadston said, “There are some people who have told me their wells are contaminated.”

Decatur Mayor, Bob Tharp said he is aware of the issue and it’s been a work in progress for several years. “We are aware that he needs water and until we either get a grant or he can fund the water project through his neighbors, those 14, then we’re not doing anything right now,” said Mayor Tharp. 

Tharp added, the cost to run water out to those residents is more than they would make back on the water bills. “You can’t put $60,000 in a water line and pay for it with a customer that has a $50 a month bill.”

After nearly two decades, Broadston said most of his neighbors have lost hope for  a good water source. 
Regardless, he’ll continue his fight for his family and others affected. “They would love to have water but they just think that I’m chasing a ghost and nothings going to get done,” said Broadston. 

Broadston hopes the state can provide a grant to help the families out. 

We reached out to the governor’s office and they have not yet returned our call.