FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — People enjoy the sun by relaxing on their day off at Lake Fayetteville for the Labor Day holiday.

During the holiday, families choose to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. Angela Perea is the marina operator for Lake Fayetteville. She says this year was a bit slower than years past.

“We did see people out and about just a lot less than a typical holiday weekend. I think that a lot of people are traveling, which we haven’t been able to do in the past few years,” Perea said.

But Perea says the weather can play a big part in the number of people at the lake.

“Cooler weather this weekend has definitely helped increase some of the traffic versus last week when we had those 90-plus temperatures,” Perea said.

Perea says more people like to take advantage of each of the attractions. Some attractions are kayaking, biking, fishing, and cornhole. But Stareiss Leder chose to take advantage of the trail.

“So today is my 40th birthday. So I have some awesome friends that have joined me today to skate 40 miles from people to Springdale and then back down through Fayetteville today for my birthday,” said Leder.

Leder chose the Lake Fayetteville trail as one of the stops to reach 40 miles. Along with that, she wanted to combine her favorite things this year to celebrate her birthday and Labor Day.

“It was just something I really got my mindset on to that I really wanted to skate on my birthday and I thought, why not 40 miles? Because it’s my 40th, but just encouraging people to get out and go get some skates, hit the trails,” said Leder.

Leder’s not the only one enjoying the attractions. Peter Keays says he and his friends chose to bask in the sun on their day off.

“We’ve already paddled out there on the kayak and we sat out and had lunch on the pier. So it’s been a fantastic day for us,” said Keays.

Keays says it was also a day for him to wind down and relax.

“I needed to do something different and just stretch my legs a little bit, basically,” said Keays.

Perea says there is an upside to working the holidays, and that’s the people.

“We have a lot more interactions and I love seeing people be out here and be active in nature. I love seeing people have their first experiences, maybe catching a fish or getting on a bike because they haven’t done that in years,” said Perea.