Lowell Rock Quarry Development Tabled At Benton Co. Planning Board Meeting


BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KFTA) — A controversial rock quarry project in Lowell was presented to the Benton County Planning Board Wednesday, and has been tabled.

The proposed quarry would replace 135 acres off Old Wire Road, also known as the Cross Hollows Mines.

“There is the historical value of Old Wire Road and how heavy truck traffic would damage this road,” Sandra Edster, who opposes the project, said.

The room Wednesday night was full, with overflow outside of the courtroom, as the Benton County Planning Board asked their own questions regarding a rock quarry to mine for limestone in Lowell. The planning board re-opened a public hearing. Several people in attendance were for and against the proposed project.

Residents like Joseph Cicirello, who live in close proximity to the mine, say the consequences of a quarry could be a domino effect.

“Within a five mile radius you’re going to get affected by the extremely small silica dust that’s produced by blasting, crushing and hollowing of the limestone,” Cicirello said, “There’s going to be damage to the road. Not to mention the dust when it rains. Where’s that dust gonna go? It’s going to go into the stream.”

The property in question is owned by David Covington and managed by Overland Development

If passed, the quarry would add a rock crusher and those who live near the mine will experience “blasting” of the area once per month during normal operating hours. 

“Because of blasting that will occur, there’s going to be foundation issues, there’s going to be cracks,” Cicirello said.

Just last week, the Lowell City Council voted to opposed the quarry, even though the site is outside of the city.

Neighbors say the fight will continue. 

“Stand up for protecting our environment, protecting our water supplies, protecting the historical value of the area, and protecting the way we have lived for many years and the quality of life,” Edster said.

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