FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – The weather has taken a significant turn, and we’re looking ahead to our first week with consistent 90-degree temperatures.

We connected with local health professionals to see how you should be protecting yourself from heatstroke or heat exhaustion heading into the summer months.

“The baseball team gets out there to practice the day before, so you should do the same thing and get your fluid intake in early,” said Battalion Chief for Central EMS David Stoppel.

Especially if you’re planning on getting out there to cheer on the Hogs for hours on end with a beer in hand.

“Also, you have to watch for the alcohol consumption. You don’t want to try to hydrate yourself with alcohol because it’s a diuretic that will make you lose more fluid than you gain,” said Stoppel.

Fayetteville Public Health Officer, Dr. Marti Sharkey, says you should be careful being out in the middle of any heat advisory. But especially when we jump from spring to summer as quickly as we have.

“In those cases, we do see heat strokes in those few days, just like when the kids get out of school, we see more bicycle accidents,” said Sharkey.

The key to preventing this, staying hydrated and planning.

“Wearing loose clothing, make sure you have your sunscreen, and drinking plenty of fluids. That means something with electrolytes in it, not a sugary sports drink,” said Sharkey.

Precautions fans are taking to cheer the Hogs onto Omaha. 

“Liquids and shade because it’s brutal. The wind comes up about every 30 minutes, but that’s it hot,” said Razorback fan Wally Samples.

It’s probably safe to say we can go ahead and blame this loss on the heat, but thankful we still have a game three tomorrow, and for those of you planning on heading to the game, you should start drinking some water now.