Making The Right Move: Part 3


Finding a house can be hard. Finding an affordable one can be very difficult. With the price for square foot growing, some are choosing to scale back the size of their house. We found a tiny house community here in Northwest Arkansas where one couple is hoping to show Arkansans bigger isn’t always better.

According to the 2010 US Census, the average house size across America is just under 2,400 square feet.

Dave Gallo says, “You’re not going to bring a room full of bedroom and living room and dining room furniture with, you’re going to have to be choiceful on what you bring with you.”

At Eagle Homes on Olive in Rogers, a tiny home community, Dave Gallo and his wife share their big love for little living. He says, “You aren’t as tied down with things and you’re able to live life either outside your house, you’re able to clean your house quicker, you’re able to go on more vacations, you have a lower debt load, so, yeah, there’s definitely a life-style and a choice change there.” 

Although his community is for seniors 55 and older, he says tiny homes appeal to younger generations. Gallo says, “Frankly, they come in and they want to have a bagel and a cup of coffee in the morning and then come home at night and have a place to sleep. They’re going out for lunch, they’re going out for dinner, they’re spending time with their friends, and they don’t want to come home to a two-thousand – three-thousand square foot house and clean it and spend the weekends doing that.”

Tiny houses cost a lot less as well. Gallo says tiny homes start just under $40,000, while the average home price across Northwest Arkansas is more than $200,000. But if you’re looking to live in one, there are a few hurdles you may have to jump through. Gallo says, “There are zoning regulations that folks have to work through and they work through their planning commission – the local zoning boards and stuff like that.”

Although you do need to make sure you’re legally allowed to have a tiny house on your land Gallo says you can move it. One of the appeals of tiny homes is you can take them with you when you go. Gallo does say moving the unit can put stress on the drywall used for walls, but does not cause structural damage.


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