MONROE, Okla. (KNWA/KFTA) — One man is in the hospital after a tornado hit Leflore County, Okla., on May 2.

Loretta Turner has lived on the same property in Monroe, Okla. for more than 60 years, and has never seen a tornado hit so close.

The storm sent her husband to the hospital and left the rest of her family in shock.

Turner’s property has many uprooted trees and downed power lines along with damage to her barns and vehicles.

One home on the property is almost completely destroyed, with the roof missing and windows shattered.

Turner was sitting in her living room when her storm door burst open from the tornado, leaving glass all around the room.

She says she’s unable to walk, so her son is the reason she’s still okay. “It just happened so fast that — so much damage so fast that it — and if our youngest son hadn’t been here with me — I can’t get up and walk,” Turner said.

“We’ve got some trees down, and we’ve had damage to a house in Monroe. And, this is as far as I’ve made it, as far as house damage goes. So, it’ll be a long night for me I’m sure,” said Dennis Yochum, director of emergency management in Leflore County

Yochum says he hasn’t had other reports of home damage, but he expects there to be more throughout the night.

Yochum and Turner hope if there is another tornado, the siren will go off before it hits instead of after.