FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — A marijuana dispensary could be opening in Northwest Arkansas as soon as this month, joining two dispensaries that opened in Hot Springs over the weekend.

That’s according to Scott Hardin, the spokesperson for the Medical Marijuana Commission.

There are four potential dispensaries here in our area still waiting for approval: two in Fayetteville, two in Bentonville.

Hardin said the Releaf Center in Bentonville would like to open in June.

Here in Fayetteville, Acanza Health Group said its doors will be locked for buyers until mid-to-late August.

But, Spokesperson Michael Mayes said construction will start next month.

Right now, Mayes said his team is finalizing all the architectural designs of the dispensary so he can send them to the city for approval.

Once these shops open their doors, it’s likely that their pricing for products won’t be the same. 

Mayes said, “So until the dispensaries start growing their own products, they’re kind of held to whatever pricing that the grower is able to sell them for.” 

Dispensaries can have different growers, which would make the price for the same product inconsistent.

But, even if the grower sells marijuana to all the dispensaries for the same price, the shop can still decide to mark up the price.

Which purchasing the product, consumers will not be able to use a credit card.

Dispensaries will only be accepting cash, or in some cases, a debit banking solution.