Your right to bear arms in Arkansas could be taken away if you apply for a medical marijuana card. According to the Arkansas Department of Health, you can’t have both a medical marijuana card and legally own a gun because pot is still illegal on the federal level.

Robert Reed, a Navy Veteran who served his country for 16 year, suffers PTSD along medical conditions which medical marijuana would help.

Reed said, “I will not apply for a med license, and risk my livelihood and my safety.”
The Arkansas Department of Health said a question they get all the time is whether or not you can own a gun and possess a medical marijuana ID card. Since prescription pot is a Schedule 1 controlled substance, under federal law, you can’t own a gun legally. And federal law supersedes state law. 
“If they’re a user of marijuana, although legal in Arkansas, it’s still illegal on the federal level,” explained Robert Brech with Arkansas Department of Health. “It’s very clear you cannot be a marijuana user, and pass that check.” 
Reed, and other veterans who fought for Constitutional rights, will not apply for their medical marijuana cards due to putting the freedom they fought for at risk. 
“You’ve got a law that outlaws the people that defended your right to make a law that puts me in jail,” said Reed.
“You won’t be denied the medical marijuana card. There’s actually a provision in the Constitutional amendment that you can’t be denied a license. So they may continue to give a conceal carry license to someone. It’s really a problem at the federal level, not the state level,” explained Brech.

“How can I have health and freedom by giving up a right? I can’t,” said Reed.