The body’s natural response to surgery is to produce a scar. After a surgical procedure, your body works to repair the wound by creating collagen. This helps to reconnect the tissues damaged by the injury and stimulate skin growth. During this healing process, several layers of new skin tissue are produced and can pile onto one another. This creates the risk of a thick scar.

Scars can take a year or longer to finish forming and they can be disfiguring or aesthetically unpleasant. However, not all scars have to be unsightly. There are several aspects of healing that can determine the size, shape, texture, and color of a scar. To help avoid undesirable scarring, you need the right ingredients from the start.

SkinMedica’s Scar Recovery Gel with Centelline helps maintain the skin’s foundation by providing topical support and hydration. This helps fortify the layers of skin tissue, minimizing the appearance of scars. But what is Centelline? Without being too scientific, let’s say it’s a first-of-its-kind complex derived of three natural ingredients. First is Centella, which is a medicinal herb. Next is Bulbine [pronounce bulb + the ine is like pine], a plant used to treat a variety of skin irritations. Finally, there is olive leaf extract which is known for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. Together, these create Centelline, which has been clinically shown to minimize scar appearance.

Scar Recovery Gel is specially formulated for pink-to-red color scarring and is soothing and lightweight. Applied twice daily, this gel is perfect for all skin types. Patients who have used it saw results in about 6 months with their scars going from pink-to-red in color to flat and white without redness. SkinMedica’s Scar Recovery Gel is available here at our store, The Skin Solution.