UPDATE 5/30/2023 at 9:58 p.m.: Dr. John Forsyth’s family has informed OzarksFirst that his body has been found in northwest Arkansas.

CASSVILLE, Mo. — It was over a week ago when Dr. John Forsyth seemed to vanish. 

“I don’t know why my brother is missing. I don’t know why he would leave behind his wallet, his passport, his checkbook, his keys, and an unlocked car,” his brother Richard Forsyth says. 

Family members like Richard are working to find the doctor who worked at Mercy Hospital in Cassville, while also shutting down online rumors about Dr. Forsyth’s disappearance as it gains national attention. 

“We’ve gathered together a great deal of data sorting through what is potentially relevant or even factual has been challenging,” Richard said. 

Those rumors include the notion that a court order for child support and alimony totaling nearly $20,000 are a motive in John’s disappearance. 

Richard told OzarksFirst that’s not the case. 

“I talked to a lot of people [who would] know, and they said that that amount of money was not a concern,” Richard said. 

Another unfounded popular rumor is one surrounding the cryptocurrency company Richard and John started. 

Richard said the idea that his brother’s disappearance has anything to do with the company is false. 

Richard added there was one person who they believed was upset with John, but that individual was overseas and is confident that the isolated incident is not relevant to the investigation.  

“He expressed some extreme emotions towards us that he would get revenge. And ultimately his campaign failed, and we didn’t hear from him again,” Richard said. “I don’t see that being enough motivation for someone to cross the Atlantic and cause trouble.”

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says they have no updates in the investigation. 

The family told OzarksFirst they have seen security footage showing a person they believe is John and another car around 7:15 a.m. 

“We have the white vehicle leaving about 3 minutes after that and then 10 to 15 minutes after that, someone looking quite a bit like my brother, the image is a bit blurry, exiting his car,” Richard said. “The clothing he was wearing fits his last known description, [walked] around a bit and then walk away.”  

The family is still holding out hope. 

“We’re all very disturbed by these events, and some family has come in from out of town. We’ve been trying to support each other,” Richard said. “In a situation like this, you kind of learn that you can very easily forget self-care.”