Over the past decade, getting your education online has become more and more popular. One Arkansas online public school has seen its student enrollment rise more than 250% in just one year.

As most of us know, everything is going digital, even education. Programs like Arkansas Connections Academy, a full time online public school, is giving parents the chance to take their kids out of the classic classroom.

Darla Gardner, Principal with Arkansas Connections Academy said, “Some families need the flexibility. Some students come to us because they have a medical issue, and they need the flexibility to work from home. Some students faced bullying in a previous environment.” 

For Northwest Arkansas mom, Hailey Maloney, giving her daughter, Paisyn, an online education was truly the best option.
Maloney said, “I was afraid she was going to be getting in trouble because she didn’t want to sit still, and do what everyone else is doing. She’s able to get up and let some energy out.” 
Another benefit was seeing Paisyn’s progression in the academy, versus just through a teacher. 
“Your child can move at their own pace, so if they’re having trouble reading or having trouble in math you can sit there and focus with them on that area until that actually get it. Till you get that ah-ha moment,” explained Maloney. 
Paisyn agreed.
 “I liked that I got to do school with my mother, who’s the greatest teacher ever,” said Paisyn.
The program does provide access to a teacher, if parents need help. They’re just a click or call away.
Maloney said even though she’s taken her children’s education online, they’re still getting the same experience as every other kid.
 “I think she’s getting everything she needs, because we have field trips we participate in. We come up and see the teachers regularly, and play dates with other children,” said Maloney.
Arkansas Connections Academy begins its second year Wednesday. They expect to see their enrollment numbers continue to grow due to the demand for online education.