FARMINGTON, Ark. (KNWA/FOX24) — The cold temperatures on Saturday did not stop people from gathering for the Border Riders benefit ride for Ashley Bush, maiden name Boone.

Ashley is the pregnant Benton County woman found dead in McDonald County, Missouri on November 3rd. Her baby, Valkyrie Grace, was found dead in a different location also in McDonald County.

“In a time like this, it’s very hard to grasp like, where was God? But you know what today, God showed up,” said Travis Stufflebeam, Assistant Pastor at Abundant Life Church in Farmington.

Dozens of people showed up to Abundant Life Church on Saturday to let the family of Ashley Bush know the community has their back.

“We love to support families, kids, children in need,” said Todd Atkins with the Border Riders.

The motorcycle group organized the benefit ride and all the proceeds went back to Ashley and Valkyrie’s family.

“We’re going to take 16 all the way to Siloam Springs, cut across and take 43 up to Maysville Community Center,” he said of their route. “We’re gonna have an auction there for all the gifts, we’re gonna have a lot of give-aways.”

Atkins said they got a lot of community support and donations in the short time they had to plan the ride, which he said they were very appreciative of.

People also got to buy t-shirts specially made to honor Ashley and baby Valkyrie. Sammie Dufour designed the shirt, and made it yellow for Ashley’s favorite color.

“I wanted it to be something that showed not only Ashley but Valkyrie as well. That’s why it makes a heart with them, like she’s holding the baby,” she said. “It was very touching to be able to do something like this for the family.”

Ashley’s family attended the service and the ride. They got to ride in a limo as the bikers followed behind.

Organizers hope they felt the love and support of their neighbors.

“Good triumphs evil with support like this,” said Atkins.

Also that lessons have been learned from their loss.

“To love one another and to cherish every moment that we have with each other,” said Pastor Stufflebeam. “Because we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Atkins said they hope to do this ride every year on Ashley’s birthday, August 1st.

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