WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Multiple men have been arrested for allegedly running a fentanyl trafficking scheme in Northwest Arkansas.

Angel Orengo-Roman, 24, was arrested on Sept. 20 for trafficking fentanyl, delivery of cocaine, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, maintaining a drug premises and possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance.

Emanuel Franco-Calixto, 29, was arrested on the same day for accomplice to trafficking fentanyl, maintaining a drug premise, possession of cocaine with intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance Schedule IV with purpose to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A report from the Drug Task Force (DTF) states that earlier this year, Franco-Calixto was identified as a distributor of methamphetamine, cocaine and fentanyl in Northwest Arkansas. 

According to the report, detectives identified the organizational structure, houses, businesses, vehicles and employees that were utilized in his retail drug scheme. 

In September, a confidential informant and detectives conducted a controlled drug buy operation during which more than one gram of fentanyl was purchased from Orengo-Roman. 

The payment was provided to Franco-Calixto at his barber shop at 902-B Watson Avenue.

Another controlled drug buy operation was conducted during which somewhere between 10 and 200 grams of cocaine was purchased from Orengo-Roman.

Orengo-Roman lives 452 feet from the Spirit of Truth Church of God and 735 feet from the Gospel of Peace Tabernacle.

Throughout the investigation, detectives identified other individuals that were involved with Franco-Calixto relating to the distribution of drugs, mainly methamphetamine, cocaine and fentanyl.

The DTF report says that multiple search warrants were obtained and executed simultaneously on Sept. 20.

The addresses searched include Franco-Calixto’s residence 1009 Highland Avenue, VIP EMS Barber Shop at 902-B Watson Avenue and Orengo-Roman’s apartment at 405 Sisters Avenue.

At Franco-Calixto’s residence, detectives located plastic packaging material, vacuum sealer, money transfer receipts to Puerto Rico and $12,677. Additionally, 0.75 grams of cocaine was located in a vehicle parked at the residence.

At the barber shop, detectives located 14.1 grams of cocaine, 275 grams of marijuana, an electronic money counter, drug ledgers and miscellaneous items coated with cocaine residue.

At Orengo-Roman’s apartment, detectives located two semi-automatic handguns, a 20-gauge shotgun, one fentanyl pill, four marijuana cartridges, digital scales, 2.49 grams of marijuana and $3,026. Additionally, detectives located an AR-15, 104 fentanyl pills and a drug ledger in his vehicle.

According to a report from the DTF on Franco-Calixto’s arrest, a confidential informant and detectives conducted a series of drug buy operations at the barber shop, which Franco-Calixto owns and operates. The buys yielded 13.5 grams of methamphetamine and 10.2 grams of cocaine.

The barber shop is located 856 feet from Archer Alternative Learning Center, 875 feet from Murphy Park and 931 feet from the Springdale Aquatic Center.

During an interview with Franco-Calixto, he explained that he used to just sell marijuana, but began selling fentanyl and cocaine about a year ago.

He said that while he was selling cocaine, he would receive around one kilogram of cocaine per month, purchased from Puerto Rico and sent via mail to the Northwest Arkansas area. 

Franco-Calixto then explained that he had only been selling fentanyl for one month. He said it was purchased from California and had it mailed to the Northwest Arkansas area. He said a typical package contained around 2,000 fentanyl pills.

According to the report, Franco-Calixto noted that he was leaving the area to move to Puerto Rico with his family. He said that he had booked a flight that was scheduled to leave in two weeks.

Orengo-Roman asked to speak with his attorney and was not interviewed by police.

Franco-Calixto and Orengo-Roman are currently being held in Washington County.