SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The National Child Protection Task Force was able to find a missing girl in around 2 hours during its conference in Springdale on June 21.

During the meeting, the conference got a call from an investigator needing help finding a 15-year-old girl being trafficked. It took all of those in attendance a little over two hours, but they found her and got her to safety.

“All we had was the first name,” said Kevin Branzetti, president of the National Child Protection Task Force. “We had her first name, age. That’s not a lot of data points to start with, but when you have a team like this, incredible things can happen.”

The team continued working to hunt down her trafficker and another potentially associated victim.

The National Child Protection Task Force conference continues through June 23 at the Don Tyson School of Innovation.

The goal of the meeting is to improve law enforcement’s ability to solve crimes involving children quicker.