BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Bentonville Schools is keeping parents connected through a phone app.

The district’s new app will send notifications directly to parents’ phones. The notifications can range from security alerts and possible school threats to what their kid will need to bring to school the next day.

Bentonville Schools’ Executive Director of Technology, Aaron Nickles, said around 60 percent of people use their phones instead of a computer. He said this motivated the school board to improve the district’s website for mobile access.

Nickles said the district wants to share two posts a day and all school staff has the ability to make these posts.

“Not a lot of people can be at all sporting events, student activities, or the band and choir events, so we knew that those people that are actually at those locations can actually share those stories while they’re there with this platform. So that was huge for us to be able to be many people in one place,” said Nickles.

Now, parents can do things like add lunch money to their kid’s account, check out the lunch menu, and see the activities their kids are involved in, all form their smartphone.

The app allows you to choose which schools and types of notifications you’d like to receive. Nickles said the feedback for the new app has been positive so far.

You can get the Bentonville Schools app on whichever app store your device uses or access the same information on the district’s website here.