There’s a new place to break bread in Fayetteville.
The “Rockin’ Baker” is changing the lives of Northwest Arkansans, one loaf at a time. 
Daymara Baker is the Owner of Rockin’ Baker. She said, “When you feel the dough in your hands, it’s such a way to release your energy and everything that’s going through you.”
Baker has been baking for years. She opened the doors of her bakery just a few months ago.
“I was trying to find other ways to keep involved and specifically around training and helping people find better jobs,” said Baker. 
Baker said, “They could be coming from 7 Hills. They could be coming from Life Styles. Different organizations in town that can identify people who can work in this type of environment. Because we have large equipment, so you have to be thinking about somebody not getting hurt.”
Baker’s goal is to give people like former convicts who would otherwise be overlooked a second chance at life.
 “How can you help them get the skills that they need? Not only on baking or cooking. But also the self skills. Responsibility, accountability, team work  that are so needed to find a better job,” Baker said. 
Before Baker can hire people in need, she’s building up what she calls her “core” staff so they can help train her future employees. 
Rebecca Liles is the Meal Curator at  Rockin’ Baker. She said,  “People need opportunity. And the food service industry and hospitality industry is a great place. I mean there’s a spot for everyone.”
Offering up fresh bread and second chances is what this new bakery is all about. 
Liles said,  “We can really really impact tons of people’s lives.”