LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KARK) – A recently filed bill would say that Arkansas is a sanctuary state for any federal gun regulations.  Josh Gwin is a gun salesman for Bullseye Guns and Ammo and he agrees with the intent of the bill, “I want to give that two thumbs up because I think it’s awesome. We need that in the state. We like our guns in Arkansas. “

He believes the state should stand up to any potential overreach by the federal government, “What I hope is that it’s just going to send a message to a Democratically ran Senate right now, and house, that we’re not just gonna roll over and go okay yeah, right, take away these rights, we’re gonna be cool with that. Because that’s not that’s not how it’s going to work. “

Kelly Krout is a gun owner and thinks this just an overreaction to the November elections, “I think it’s a knee-jerk reaction to some Democrats are making some offices that maybe people didn’t want them to make. I think people tend to get very stressed out about their gun rights and responsible gun owners don’t need to be worried.”

She thinks this bill is a waste of time, and potentially, money, “It’ll end up in court and it’s just going to waste Arkansas taxpayers money when we could actually just obey the federal law.”

Krout would like to see the General Assembly tackle gun regulations from a common sense standpoint instead of fighting the federal government, “I’d really love to see Arkansas focus more on doing things like trying to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers rather than just try to make it easier for everybody to get a gun who wants one.”

Gwin hopes this bill will send a clear message because he feels the Constitution has already taken enough stance, “I think the second amendment is very clear and there should be no reason to create a stance. The stance is already been made.”