ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA/FOX24) — A new style of clinic for those without health insurance is hosting its grand opening on Monday, March 27 at 4 p.m.

Dr. Blake Hansen said he’s joining the growing number of doctors leaving large healthcare providers and opening their own practices that run on a subscription base. He said by cutting out insurance companies, he can be more transparent about what care will cost.

The new clinic is called Simplified Health. It costs $59 a month for adults and $29 for kids.

Dr. Hansen said the monthly payment covers as many doctor visits as you need, and without insurance, a typical doctor’s visit usually costs around $150 to $200.

“I’ve had numerous patients in the past that were sad and upset about the cost of their care,” said Dr. Hansen. “They would come to me and ask if there’s anything I can do and I was just another cog in the wheel. That’s part of the insurance game.”

Forty-one percent of Americans have medical debt, which is around 100 million people, according to Dr. Hansen.

He said there are many reasons for this. For example, those with chronic conditions may have multiple doctors visits a month when a phone call or other less expensive methods could work instead.

Also, he said people without health insurance are avoiding preventative care, eventually having to pay for higher-cost services such as surgeries. Dr. Hansen blames these decisions on traditional medical systems’ lack of price transparency.

“We wouldn’t ever utilize any service in the world where they said, ‘I don’t know what this will cost you. You’ll find out in six months,'” Dr. Hansen said. “I would say, ‘no thank you.’ But this is a real opportunity for patients to take back control of their healthcare and their finances together.”

Dr. Hansen adds that patients will need to go elsewhere for specialty care, but said the clinic can handle 90% of medical issues without involving a specialist.

He said around 1,700 other clinics in the US run on the same model.

Simplified Health is located in Rogers at 4803 Highland Knolls Road in Suite 150. You can find more information here.