New Details Emerge in Booneville Students' Fight Video

Booneville, AR -- - It's the video that's gone viral: two Booneville High School students fighting off campus. According to  Booneville Police Chief, Al Brown, the two boys fighting in the video are related. 

"It's just unfortunate that it even occurred, I mean but it did and we're going to have to deal with it." said Scotty Pierce, Booneville Schools Superintendent.

Pierce said this fight happened off campus. But upon learning of the fight, the school notified the teen's parents and told them they could contact local authorities if they saw fit.

"If they wanted to get ahold of police to press charges then they could've done that. That's up to them. At this time it's in the authorities hands." said Pierce.

According to Police Chief Al Brown, no one has filed a complaint yet. And through his investigation, he found out the students -- who are related -- actually  agreed to fight.

"If two people decide to fight on their own, there's a term called mutual combat. And in the past there used to be a defense that you couldn't be charged for doing that. Right now there's really no clear law whether you can use mutual combat as a defense." said Tim Snively. 

Fayetteville attorney Tim Snively said even if the state doesn't charge anyone for fighting, they could be charged with disorderly conduct. And as for the kids recording the whole thing?

"The ones that were filming it, probably they would have no legal consequences they're filming something that's occurring out in public." said Snively.

Superintendent Pierce said the school is trying its best to prevent incidents like these from happening.

"We're looking at doing some bullying intervention, we're going to  work through it and hopefully make something good come out of this."

When the video first gained traction on social media, there was speculation that the teen being beaten up was mentally disabled. Police Chief Brown tells KNWA that is not true. Brown said the prosecuting attorney is now reviewing the case.

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