WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – The Washington County Sheriff’s Office said a new executive order targeting military weapons won’t have a huge impact on its department.

On Wednesday, president Joe Biden signed an executive order that will prohibit the transfer or purchase of some military grade weapons to local law enforcement agencies.

The ban includes any .50 caliber weapons and ammunition, grenades, explosives, tracked and armored vehicles, and other military grade equipment.

Sheriff elect Jay Cantrell said the only the Washington County Sheriff’s office may need is the armored vehicles. However, the order allows certain emergency exceptions to the rule.

“Search and rescue, disaster recovery, or flooding. High profile vehicles can be approved to go into an area that’s flooded. Then you could probably request one of those high-profile vehicles,” said Cantrell.

A mass shooting this week happened in Texas this week. Cantrell was asked if local law enforcement agencies are equipped to handle a threat of that capacity, without military support.

“I think we’re prepared. I think if something like that were to arise, the Sheriff’s Office would be prepared. I think other law enforcement agencies will be prepared as well,” said Cantrell.

The Sheriff’s Office has 73 rifles that were allocated around 10 years ago to patrol deputies. Cantrell said the department shouldn’t need more than it has.

The Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Homeland Security and the Attorney General will have 60 days to decide whether the military equipment should be prohibited for transfer and purchase. You can read the full executive order here.