New state of the art technology helping relieve back pain in Johnson


“The David Spine equipment, their whole goal is to offer safe, effective, comfortable, musculoskeletal retraining and strengthening of your entire spine.”  Dr. Luke Knox is a Neurosurgeon with Washington Regional’s Total Spine Clinic in Johnson, the only place in the state of Arkansas to feature this state of the art equipment.

“I believe this technology of the David Spine equipment is going to change the way we take care of musculoskeletal problems. This is very easy. It is a series of equipment that is very specialized. It’s for the back and neck and includes six different machines. And each machine is set up so that it can measure the patient’s strength and range of motion, inflection as well as extension. And it compares those two. After which it shows you how out of balance your neck and back are. Then it creates a program for you to exercise on the same equipment to balance that otherwise imbalanced situation.” 

” It’s very patient-friendly. You can have a man, 6’5″ 250 lbs, work on one machine, the next patient right behind him be a 4’10” 100 lbs. woman, the equipment automatically adjusts to her physique, she hops in and exercises on the same equipment as that man that was a foot and a half taller than she was. “

The types of patients that we treat are those that have significant chronic neck and back pain and they’re unable to achieve their goals of daily living.”

To learn more about Total Spine call 479-521-9988, or visit their website.

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