MULBERRY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The attorneys for Randall Worcester released new video to KNWA/FOX24 Friday of the surveillance footage from the Kountry Xpress gas station in Mulberry. The footage shows a different angle of the arrest and sheds more light on how long the struggle occurred.

On Sunday, Aug. 21., video was taken of an arrest by a bystander, showing two Crawford County deputies and a Mulberry officer punching and kicking Worcester while he was on the ground. This incident occurred at the Kountry Xpress in Mulberry.

This video from the Kountry Xpress surveillance camera is partially blocked by a white vehicle. It appears the struggle with Worcester started before Worcester and the three law enforcement officials come into frame.

Adam Rose, a co-counsel for Randall Worcester, had a big takeaway from the surveillance video.

“These officers claim they had severe injuries. This pretty much proves those injuries were non-existent,” said Rose.

He cites their actions following Worcester’s arrest as shown in the video.

“They seem to be standing up and talking perfectly fine, getting in the car perfectly fine,” said Rose.

Rose also pointed out how long the struggle on the ground lasted.

“You can see he’s being beaten on for well over a minute. Again, that’s also concerning,” said Rose.

The video still leaves uncertainty about what happened during Worcester’s arrest on Aug. 21. Rose said more video being released would provide more insight.

“I think it is clear that he did push one of the officers away from him. Now, what happened after that, we still can’t fully see until they release the dashcam,” said Rose.

The Wood Law Firm, representing Deputy Levi White and Deputy Zack King, posted on Facebook after they obtained the Kountry Xpress surveillance video.

In an Aug. 24 Facebook post, the law firm alleged the video showed Worcester attacking Deputy White, causing White’s head to “violently whip back and smash into the concrete.”

The firm also said Worcester’s bond should be “immediately revoked.”

Worcester has filed a lawsuit against the three law enforcement officials involved in his arrest.