FORT SMITH, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Next Step Homeless Services is looking to move from its downtown location to provide a new housing option.

Next Step is hoping to expand to offer individual, small housing units for people to live in where they can lock up their belongings and get case management services.

Sharon Chapman, executive director, said the new housing community could house individuals and couples.

“We’re looking at more of the housing first model where we believe that people should have the ability to have someplace secure to live and to transition out of homelessness,” Chapman said.

Next Step would move to a location closer to residential areas. Chapman said it is working with the community and the city to ensure people who live by have their concerns addressed about the move.

“We’re hoping that they see that we’re compromising and changing in order to be good neighbors while still providing really good, secure services for the homeless,” Chapman said.

The Fort Smith Board of Directors will vote on the rezoning of the Next Step’s new location next week.