NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — For farmers and ranchers in the area, there are no snow days.

They have to prepare ahead of time for the winter weather and make sure their cattle and plants are good to go.

Tanner Nall is the ranch manager for Oliver Angus Ranch. He said the main thing about the snow and cold is making sure the cattle’s water is not frozen. Nall also said he has to make sure to get the hay out.

“Once the snow hits the ground, we need to go and roll out hay and bust water, make sure they have plenty of water when it’s cold because if it froze they can’t bust it and then we roll out the hay for them to eat and also for the little ones to lay on and have somewhere dry and warm,” Nall said.

Owner of Hatch Farm, Matthew Varoz, said chores on the farm take about three times as long when the snow is on the ground. He said the blueberry plants are dormant right now, but the snow does delay some other work.

“We do have a lot of fieldwork and stuff, we’re trying to get a jump on and that’ll have to wait until those dry back out,” Varoz said.

Nall and Varoz both said the snow is a challenge, but super cold temperatures can cause even more issues.

“It’s a muddy mess and really good moisture for us, but it’s really cold weather that affects the plants and the animals more so we’re fortunate with that,” Varoz said.