FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — School is almost out and parents have to make a decision about where to send their children to next school year.

Earlier this year, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed Arkansas LEARNS into law and it will take effect next year implementing school choice through educational freedom accounts.

With the Arkansas LEARNS now law, more charter schools are showing parents what their schools can offer.

Students from Lisa Academy in Springdale showcased their stem projects at the Education Expo in the Northwest Arkansas Mall and Superintendent Hasan Sazci says it’s to prepare students for the workforce.

“We want them to understand to explain what they learn, how to present that’s a very important social skill for them to learn and practice for their future career,” Sazci said.

Arkansas Arts Academy along with many other charter schools in the area took Saturday’s expo as an opportunity to show parents that charter schools are another option for their children.

“Charter school sort of has its different vision and mission and so depending on what parents want and how they want to raise their kids or what interests their kids have, there is a school that fits, that need,” Allison Roberts said.

Roberts says she always wants this expo to clear all the misconceptions circulating around charter schools.

“Some people have that they’re expensive or they have tuition we’re free and we’re open enrollment so no matter where you live, you can attend a charter school,” Roberts said.