Hunger remains a growing issue in our region. The nonprofit Northwest Arkansas Hunger Relief, Inc. goes out of its way to service other organizations who battle food insecurity here in our area.

“They help us meet the needs of our families,” Growing God’s Kingdom Program Director Connie Blew shared. 

Blew sees the effects of food insecurity on local families firsthand in West Fork. She said imagining what it is like to not have enough food for your kids is difficult. But that is where NWA Hunger Relief comes in.

Blew explained, “It’s been wonderful to partner with them because there have been times where I’ve just picked up the phone and said, ‘hey, I know your food pantry is not open. I know it won’t be open today, but is there any way that we could get some supplies for this family.”

Northwest Arkansas Hunger Relief, Inc. Manager Monte Scott shared how the organization is hyper focused on making a difference with the 25 agencies it supports. That includes Growing God’s Kingdom and helping those at this food pantry at the Unity Covenant Church in West Fork.

“We try to obtain donations from companies or individuals, do food drives, all types of different things that we can get things to help other agencies,” Scott said. 

Growing God’s Kingdom Lead Infant Room Teacher Jennifer Cisneros stressed just how deeply hunger can affect a child.

“You can’t think, you can’t play, you can’t enjoy life, you can’t enjoy your friends, you can’t enjoy being at school,” Cisneros shared. “When your little belly is hungry you need to fill your little belly up with food so you can function.”

NWA Hunger Relief also donates stuffed animals it gets through PetSmart to Judge Stacey Zimmerman to use in the Washington County Juvenile Court.

“When the kids come into her courtroom and they’re scared to death and they’re sitting there, [they have] something to hold on to,” Scott explained.

Blew was quick to praise just how much of a difference the nonprofit makes with each child they’re able to help.

“With Northwest Arkansas Hunger Relief, we can help that family,” Blew offered. “We can prevent that child from being hungry.”

NWA Hunger Relief can always use more support. Click here to learn how easy it is battle food insecurity by supporting the organization’s efforts.