FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – With several days of severe weather in the forecast, emergency managers and responders say you and your family should be coming up with a plan now in case the worst happens in your neighborhood. 

“It doesn’t take much for a tornado to spin right on up, which we learned last week,” says Michael Waddle, director of emergency management for Benton County. 

Both Waddle and the chief for Central EMS say the best way to be prepared is to be informed. 

“Anything that you can do to get multiple alerts is the best; that way, there is very little chance of anything getting through,” says Waddle. 

“You could have a weather radio with batteries, your cell phone charger but don’t depend on your cell phone and social media,” says Becky Stewart with Central EMS. 

In the case of a tornado touching down, you should be thinking about the safest place in your home to wait out the storm. 

“Get down as low as you can in your house; get under something sturdy if you can. A stairwell if you have one or sturdy furniture. Get to the center-most section of your house away from walls and windows,” says Waddle. 

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