FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.(KNWA/KFTA) — The recent winter storm has moved out of the region but it left quite a bit of damage behind.

Skip Holland, a Fayetteville resident, says his home along with many others was hit with everything from snow to freezing rain to ice.

“It pulled some of our Cedar trees down and so we have contacted a tree company to come in and remove all of it but obviously they can’t get to it,” Holland said.

Holland says the tree branches that fell to the ground because of the winter storm have been in the yard for almost two weeks and raised a safety concern for Holland and his wife.

“You’re always concerned with a tree that big that could fall one way or the other and damage your property,” Holland said.

With neighborhood roads still being iced over, Holland’s house has been tough to reach.

“They can’t get to it because of the current condition so it’s an ongoing condition and it’s just inconvenient to us more than anything,” Holland.

Holland, along with many others, is wondering when local houses will be cleaned up by the city.

“We’re going to spend the most of next week trying to get caught up on all our residential collections and get all that fresh material collected as well,” Peter Nierengarten said.

Peter Nierengarten is the environmental director for the City of Fayetteville and says the city has some catching up to do.

“We know the storm has been hard but it’s been hard on all of us so thanks for just bearing with us for a little bit longer while we get things cleaned up,” Nierengarten said.

Peter says in the meantime while you wait for city crews to come to get to you, here is what you can do a home before they arrive.

“They can bundle or place the material in a compostable bag and put it out at the curb on their normal collection days and we’ll pick that material up,” Nierengarten said.

Nierengarten says he hopes city crews can get to every house over the next several days to help out residents like Holland.

“We’ll be running extra crews for both trash and recycling collection and then also to get all the bulky waste and the downed tree limbs collected from folks as well,” Nierengarten said.