BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – Today, people attended a ceremony at Crystal Bridges honoring the 68th Annual Nuclear Legacy of the Marshall Islands and the 76th Bikini Atoll Commemoration Day.

On March 7, 1946, The Bikini people were evacuated from their land in the Marshall Islands.

The Bikinions agreed to a series of nuclear tests on their island, believing they would return as soon as the experiments ended.

Now, unable to return to the radioactive waste, they remember their legacy’s and share the story with others.

“Personally, it’s emotional. It’s a day to stop and remember my ancestors, my grandfathers people that have past. They were fighting for nuclear justice until their last breath,” said Sosylina Maddison, Administration Officer for KBE.

Maddison feels obligated to continue the legacy passed on to her of the Bikini people, and educate the people here.