This year, Free Comic Book day turns 16. It’s the one day a year people can walk into comic book shop, and with out with free comics. 
If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to dive back into your childhood comic book days, Saturday is the day. Free comic book day takes place nationwide, even here in Northwest Arkansas. 
Rock Bottom comics will be ready to go when doors open at 10 a.m.
Josh Oshashbaugh, Rock Bottom Comics Manager said, “We buy a plethora of comics from all the different companies. We buy them at a discounted rate, and then we give them out as a promotional event.” 
Rock Bottom Comics is expecting lines out the door tomorrow. And hope tomorrow will bring in new faces to the comic book community.
“It’s something all the promoters they really push it each year. It’s something to get the younger readers to get them in early. So they can build them like the readers they’ve had for years,”said Oshashbaugh
52 special edition comics have been created by companies like Marvel and DC comics, but not every store has every comic. 
Since Rock Bottom Comic is one of the only stores in NWA that focus specifically on comic books, it’s a big day for them.”So being the only store in the area that focuses specifically on comics, we do get people from Fort Smith and Oklahoma. And people from all over that come to see us,” said Oshashbaugh. 
While some may think comics are for a select group of people, Oshashbaugh said there is a comic out there for everyone if you really look for it.