ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Mercy Northwest Hospital in Rogers is getting some futuristic help with its neurosurgeries.

It’s making a difference, according to Dr. Alex Castellvi, in the department of neurosurgery at Mercy Hospital. He says he’s performed more than 25 surgeries so far with it, including one on Tuesday. He says it’s helped him save time.

“We plan basically the angle and plan the size of the screws where at the entrances of each pedicle screw and then basically, once we get to the O.R., this decreases the amount of operative time,” said Castellvi.

He also says it helped save lives.

“The goal is obviously decreasing the hospital time, decreasing the operating room time. Those are the two big goals for us. And obviously decrease the amount of complications with patients,” said Castellvi.

Castellvi’s father helped develop the technology.

“Being able to carry that on now and kind of see the next iterations of the robot and carrying that forward in my practice. It definitely means a lot,” said Castellvi.

It’s that familial connection that inspired both Castellvi and Laurice Hachem. Hahcem, a local business leader, donated the robot in honor of her late husband. She says another driving force was providing for her community.

“I like giving back and working in the same town that I live in. So it was a win-win,” said Hachem.

“She’s been extremely generous and she obviously wants to keep this area, keep building up this area just the same way I do. And she has the same vision,” said Catellvi.

Hachem and Castellvi hope to continue bringing more opportunities to Northwest Arkansas.