FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — NWA Palestine is an organization raising money for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and chose to do so with a fundraiser for the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund.

It asked for the help of chefs, artists, and people of Northwest Arkansas.

“Palestine is a horrible place to have living conditions. And any time but it is also the ancestral home to my entire family. So it’s also home,” said Amanda Arafat, Palestinian and one of the participants of the fundraiser.

Although she was born and raised in Palestine, she says she still has family there who still need support.

“That’s the feeling I have right now. Nothing really matters at the moment. This is urgent and I need to mobilize myself and my community towards this,” said Arafat.

With her being both Palestinian and American, she says now it’s been even more difficult.

“I am the daughter of a Palestinian man and an American woman, which is a very conflicting identity at the moment,” said Arafat.

The event included a variety of stations and tables for people to donate or express themselves. This includes a mourning station, pottery, art stations, and tables with merchandise and baked goods.

Tay Hartwig is a community and event organizer for NWA Palestine.

“We stand in solidarity with each other. We see our brothers and sisters grieving, and we want an end to that,” said Hartwig.

Hartwig says the NWA Palestine is just getting started with the amount of support. That’s what Arafat says she appreciates the most.

“During all of this, my community has absolutely come around me and they’ve absolutely stepped up in a way that has let me understand that they consider me a full human being,” said Arafat.

NWA Palestine will be hosting a peaceful march next Sunday through Dickson Street.