Susan Brashears says that “One of the reasons a lot of people come to Brashears is that we can customize their furniture.” Almost everything in Brashears Furniture can be custom designed.

Andrea is an interior designer at Brashears Furniture and she says “we do mainly, mostly, customizing on a lot of our items rather than selling directly off the floor.”

Brashears Furniture works with many different vendors that offer customization allowing the customer to find exactly what they are looking for.

Cathy is a sales associate who helps clients in picking out exactly what they want. “So you can change the fabric or the leather. You can change the layout of a sectional if you want that sectional smaller or bigger. If you want to add a chaise to it. If you want it to be reclining. There are so many things you can change.”

If a client is unsure of how something will work with the rest of their furniture, designers like Andrea and Pete can help. Andrea says “It’s a great advantage to have the option to customize things because everybody’s space is different.”

Pete says that with big pieces like sectionals it is important to get everything right. “Sectionals are sometimes a challenge because you really have to know your client’s floorspace very well and it’s not something that you can afford to make mistakes on.”

Cathy says that “Being able to custome order something is so important. Probably 80% of our orders are custom orders. so people want to change it and they love being able to change that to fit into their space and to work with their space.”

But the staff at Brashears don’t want you to feel pressured. As Pete tells us, “We ultimately want you to come away with exactly what you need and not feel like you were stressed or pushed into it. “