FAYETTEVILLE, AR – “So one thing that is different from all other branches that the Air Force. is the only branch that has a community college that is federally accredited.” TSGT Kyleigh LaPoint is an Air Force recruiter at the office in Fayetteville. She says everyone knows about post enlistment educational benefits, but in the Air Force, you can gain college credit just for doing your job, “So as soon as you go to basic training you automatically are enrolled and you start getting college credits as soon as you go to basic training and continue on it through your technical training and then after your technical training you will just have to do a few common core classes to get your Associate’s Degree in whatever career field that you’re in.”

La Point says there are more education benefits if you want to learn how to fly a plane. “If you want to become a pilot the Air Force has tuition assistance where you can get $4500 annually to pay for your college education, once again in whatever degree plan that you choose. And then if you get your bachelor’s degree you can apply for officer training school from active duty Air Force to go to the officer training school.”

LA Point says the newest G. I. Bill allows students to get funindin for college even before they leave the service. . “The post 9/11 G.I. Bill, you can use that when you are in the Air Force, also when you get out of the Air Force, and they pay up to three years to get a Bachelor’s Degree in whatever degree that you choose to do. It doesn’t have to be specific in the Associate’s Degree that you get in the Air Force. They also pay you E5 housing allowance, as well as your full tuition.”

For more information about educational opportunities in the Air Force you can contact TSGT La Point directly at 479-857-1878.