Is your Bella Vista indoor air safe?

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You’ve probably heard a lot of talk and concerns in recent weeks about the quality of the air in Bella Vista, especially around certain neighborhoods. Unsafe, odorous air is an obvious concern for your community.

The truth is, air quality is important all year long, no matter where you live. We at P&D HVAC have been serving the Northwest Arkansas area since 1994 and have even more years of experience beyond that. In that time, we’ve seen a lot of changes come both to this region and our industry. This includes witnessing Bella Vista, once a small retirement community, triple its size since the early 1990s.

One thing that remains the same is the need for clean air. Over the years, we’ve consistently told clients two things:

· What you can’t see can hurt you; and

· We can’t control the air quality outside your home, but we can control the air inside your home.

Let’s talk about both of these ideas.

What you can’t see can hurt you!

When you think of poor air quality, you may picture large cities with smog and other obvious pollutants. In other places, like recently in Bella Vista, you may not see anything wrong but will definitely smell something wrong. Those detectable issues alert you to something that is wrong with the air you’re breathing.

What about what you can’t see? Bacteria, viruses, dust mites, pesticides, and various gasses can’t be seen but can wreak havoc on your family’s health and well-being. In the HVAC industry, we identify different levels of danger to healthy indoor air quality that we base on the type of contaminant and the potential effects.

Take a look at some of the common symptoms that are caused by pollutants below and ask yourself if you, your family, or your tenants might be complaining of any of these.

Level 1

Do you experience being out of breath? Asthma irritation? Runny nose? Wheezing? What about coughing? These may not be just allergies from being outside. Common pollutants in the home that could easily be the cause include: dust, pollen, mold, fungi, smoke, dust mites, mildew, and pet hair.

Level 2

Do you experience frequent respiratory infections? What about viral infections or bronchitis? Have you experienced dizziness and fatigue? All of these conditions should be treated by a medical professional, but the root cause could easily be the air in your home. Contagions such as bacteria, influenza, measles, mold, chickenpox, tuberculosis, strep, and other viruses could easily be contracted if they are trapped in your air ducts and filtration system.

Level 3

Level 3 is easily the most dangerous with long-term effects that can be hard to pinpoint. Are you experiencing memory lapses? Mild depression? Lung dysfunction? Blurred vision? What about headaches or lethargy? Again, you need to be under a physician’s care, but the problem could be the quality of your indoor air and not simply “getting older.” The possible pollutants, in this case, could be: formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, pesticides, benzene, mold, methylene chloride, or toluene.

Controlling your indoor air quality

The homes throughout Bella Vista were constructed at various stages of the city’s development. If your home was built since the early 1970s, it is what is called a “tight home,” which was constructed to be more energy efficient by being less drafty. In other words, your home or commercial property was built to keep the outside air from getting in and it is better than older homes at keeping the temperature-controlled air inside.

Like we said, we have zero control over what pollutants you might have in the air outside. As a community, we can work to keep our air as clean as possible, but in Bella Vista, even the beautiful nature that surrounds us can cause air quality control problems. Unless you never leave your house at all, those pollutants can get into your home through open doors and windows, on your shoes, clothing, and even on your pets.

That’s where an indoor air quality specialist comes in! We have various methods including humidification, UV irradiation, and proper filtration to clean and maintain your healthy indoor air quality.

A qualified technician like what we have at P&D HVAC can determine what pollutants you have and then get rid of them. We can also make suggestions for better maintaining your indoor air quality over time.

Clean air is not a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Give us a call today at 479.936.4932.

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