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SafePorch Putting Safety at Your Doorstep

Sponsored Content - If you have ever experienced a tornado or severe storm, you know how terrifying it can be!  As important as protection against storm damage is, it is useless unless near at hand and easy to access. Since the SafePorch is placed immediately at the door of the house, it is truly just a step away. SafePorch is made from steel reinforced concrete to offer years of protection.

​In addition to safety, the SafePorch adds to the home’s value as well as enhancing its appearance

The design and construction of the SafePorch storm shelters ensures great strength and durability. Made of 4 1/2 ” thick walls, floor and roof using high strength concrete poured over steel mesh screens and rebar, the SafePorch is like a bank vault in strength. The SafePorch has ease of entrance and exit through a watertight door. Two ingeniously designed windows allow air circulation and natural light penetration while preventing the entrance of water or wind-driven debris.

For more information or to order a shelter visit the SafePorch website, or click here to enter to win a free shelter from NWA Homepage.

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