“I wanted to join the Air Force because I wanted to travel,” TSGT Kyleigh La Point is the local Air Force Recruiter in Fayetteville, “Traveling is something that I love to do and the Air Force has helped me travel all around the world and gave me so many opportunities. Different experiences, things that I never would have ever been able to accomplish on my own. I have been to 72 different countries I’ve been to Iceland, Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Egypt, Morocco, Paris, Italy, pretty much all of Europe I’ve been to.”

“One of my favorite places was in Mongolia. I had never thought that I would ever go there before. I was able to hold the eagle I tried horses milk. On one of my missions, I went to Easter Island. It’s a place that very few people have been. We were able to experience and go on a tour and see the stone heads it’s so beautiful out there. The water was beautiful. Being a part of that and being able to experience it. It’s just the opportunities, the pay, the travel, the health care, all of those things I would not have gotten if I was not in the Air Force.

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