Wolfe Mountain Zipline and Snowflex Park in Branson is now offing year round tubing on the largest synthetic tubing run in the United States.  The surface is the same material that winter Olympians train on during summer months when there is no snow. Craig Combs is the owner of  Wolfe Mountain Zipline and Snowflex Park and he says that the decision to open the Snowflex was predicated by his existing zipline business.

  “We got in the zipline business just about a year and a half ago and looked at, looking for things that compliment that. And just to help bring families together, do things outdoors. And one thing we noticed with the ziplining, there’s you know, it’s definitely thrilling and exciting, but there’s some that might be afraid of heights, or you know, you never want to see family hanging back. And so this way now there’s some more variety. So you can come zipline with us or come check out the tube hills which really compliment the zipline well.”

Combs expects tubers of all ages to have fun on the hill, which is the largest synthetic tubing run in the United States. “Three and up can ride on it. Three to five year olds with an adult, and then six and up can ride on their own. There’s just so many fun aspects. You look at the hill and don’t realize kind of the versatility of whether you’re gonna ride on your own, or do spins, or even ride in a group. And so one my favorite things is to see the family group together in a big pod, because we can go up to eight people at a time sliding down the hill. It’s a lot of fun.”

And the fun isn’t just limited to winter, “This specifically, you can do it year round. So bundle up, come out, and have with us over the wintertime. Or you can enjoy it in the summer. I think it’d be kind of fun to see people out here in T-shirts and shorts tubing down the hill. So it’s just a beautiful area to visit the Ozark Mountains and hang outdoors. “

You can check out Wolfe Mountain Zipline and Snowflex Park online by clicking here.