The Knowledge is Out There; The Solution is In You!

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BENTONVILLE, AR. – What if you could dream of a complete and sustainable concept with a purpose to heal the earth? What if you already had the knowledge and imagination to do so? The Museum of Native American History in Bentonville is asking the question and would like your answer.

The museum is asking people to create an essay, comic, video, or radio play detailing their solution. Within the project, they expect specifics on how to initiate, maintain, and troubleshoot your solution. Include objections and obstacles that might arise, the obvious and not so obvious, and how you would solve them. The happy ending, of course, is a viable solution to poisoned air, water, soil, and an unlivable climate.

“We invite everyone with the imagination to listen to the messages of the Earth and cosmos to help pave a sustainable future. In the words of Dr. Dan Wildcat, the universe is full of power, and our ancestors knew this. By changing our perspective and picturing the future, we can imagine new ways of working with this power.”

“It is critical to reverse the damages to our climate and atmosphere and find sustainable answers within the estimated 9 years. In this contest, create holistic and practical theories and find inclusive, not extractive, solutions to protect and reinvent our future. Consider all our relations: land, air, water, and community. Now is the time to reframe and reimagine our planet and see it through a different lens.”

The contest is open to adults and kids who will compete separately. You can enter online by clicking here.

Winners will be announced on October 9, 2021, at the Museum of Native American History on the final day of the fifth annual Native American Cultural Celebration.

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