ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — In 2022, the number of crisis calls to the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter rose to nearly 2,000, and the number of nights the nonprofit opened its doors to those escaping abuse increased by 11%.

Amber Lacewell with the NWA Women’s Shelter said this uptick might be due to the high amount of families moving to the area and more people learning about the shelter’s services.

“When they first come to us, so often they have no hope and they feel like they’re just at the end of the rope and have no idea where to turn,” Lacewell said. “So often, individuals come to the shelter, and for the first several days or even several weeks, they just sleep because they haven’t been able to sleep in peace for so long.”

While Lacewell said she’s glad more people are leaving abusive situations, this increase is bumping up their operating costs. She said the shelter pays around $190 a night to support abuse victims through their healing.

To keep their services free, the shelter runs on donations and the money made at its thrift store in Rogers. Lacewell said they depend on those funds to keep up with the increased demand because the government grants the shelter used to rely on have been cut in half.