NWA Young Professionals Summit Encourages Learning in the Workplace

BENTONVILLE, Ark. -- The Northwest Arkansas Young Professionals Summit was held in Bentonville Aug. 11, and brought together around 300 people in industry to learn together. 

The Record in Bentonville hosted the event, which lasted all day.  The goal of the event was to allow each participant to begin breaking down barriers that hinder achievement. 

Speakers at the event pushed attendees to seek success, while also being able to enjoy their jobs.

"I get so excited when I see this next generation of leaders," said Elise Mitchell, the CEO of Mitchell Communications Group.  

"They want so badly to achieve success and really make a difference in the world," Mitchell said.  "So my hope is that the message I share with them today is that you can have ambition, you can be very driven, you can be very goal-oriented, but you have to be able to experience your life fully and you've got to be able to enjoy the ride."

Participants were able to choose from a variety of seminars to attend, including wealth management, developing a personal brand and finding a career that makes you happy. 

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