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Patrick Edwards and his wife never intended on becoming beekeepers.

“Beekeeping is extremely addictive. It’s like skydiving or kayaking, white water rafting, it’s a thrill,” says Edwards.

He and his wife turned to honey after a medical scare and they’ve been a buzz about it ever since.

Edwards says, “My wife went through a bad surgery and we spent a year in Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic. They rebuilt her stomach and told her to eat more honey and go to a Mediterranean diet. It would be better for her stomach.” 

Edwards already knew local honey helps with allergies, but after spending time as a beekeeper, Edwards says he’s learned the limits of the healing qualities of honey are endless.

“We have chemo patients that their body is broken down so much because of the chemotherapy that their body can’t absorb and fight off the allergens, so they start using a lot of honey. Honey will actually help to build their immunity back up.” says Edwards.  

“Einstein said that after we lose the bees, four years after we lose the bees, mankind will begin to starve. It’s true,” he adds. That’s why he says it’s so important to preserve bees and teach others about them, especially children since they are the future. Edwards says, “We’ve had little kids come up to the observation hive and to watch and play and they realize they want to go home and they want to start collecting bees. They want to catch their bees and they want to have their own hive.”

And while they may not be your next family pet, a trip out to Prepper Bee Supply will still give you a pretty tasty learning experience.  

“We’ll pull some honeycomb out and we’ll show them how much that it’s taken and how many trips to a flower that a bee has to do to make one drop of honey. It’s 10-thousand. 10-thousand trips to a flower to make one drop of wax on this and then they fill this with honey or they fill this with young bees.” 

Prepper Bee Supply offers private lessons — or if you’d rather just watch — Edwards invites anyone out to learn about the liquid gold.

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