Blackberries are a native crop here in Northwest Arkansas and they’re making this Summer a little sweeter.
“Our family has been in the AG business since 1783, so we’ve been at it a while and I’m a seventh generation farmer,” says Hare Delafield, C.O.O. of Berries Unlimited.
If you’re looking for a sweet Summer treat, here’s one that won’t break the bank. Berries Unlimited over in Prairie Grove serves us giant sized portions of berries for a fraction of the cost you’d buy them in stores. Delafield says, “Blackberries are very expensive and here they’re half the price and you can freeze them and keep them all year long. I mean it’s ridiculous what they’re charging for small fruits as a whole in the store now.”
Over at Berries Unlimited, Hare and Lidia Delafield say picking your own berries can be cheaper and more healthy. Hare says, “We don’t have to worry about disclosing our product because you can’t get any fresher and there’s no chemicals to notify anyone about.”
Besides picking your own, plants are also available for people to take home, and the best part, Hare says the plants are pretty easy to grow. He says, “If you buy a quality blackberry plant, let’s say it costs 10-dollars, you’re going to get six to eight pounds of blackberries a year for 10 years…If you look at it in a 10 year period at six-pounds a year, that’s 60-pounds of blackberries from one bush over a 10 year period. You know at five-bucks a pound in the grocery store, it’d cost you 300-dollars for the same value and you can’t get them any fresher than in your own back yard, it’s impossible.”
The fun for the whole family gets you moving and also teaches a lesson. Hare says, “It tells the kid where the food’s coming from. It lets them get out there. It makes them walk as you can see it’s a big place. It lets them know that they could actually grow a plant in their own back yard.”