RIVER VALLEY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Freezing rain is expected overnight in the River Valley. With that, could come some power outages. As far as how widespread the outages could be, OG&E isn’t sure. However, the company said crews will be prepared for whatever happens.

According to Eddie Lee Herndon with OG&E, hundreds of members are on standby and around 90 to 10 crews are in Fort Smith. There’s also a site ready to go in LeFlore County, Okla.

“We’ll mobilize our crews to get where those outages occur, and we’ll go to work as fast as we can, working until we get everybody restored,” said Herndon.

With road conditions also projected to get worse if freezing rain hits, he says it will be helpful if everyone stays off the roads if there’s any ice accumulation. He said this helps crews get to where they need to be faster and finish jobs more efficiently.

If your power goes out and you want to use a generator, Farmington Fire Chief William Hellard, said you should be careful.

“Generators need to be stored about 20 feet away from the home to keep that carbon monoxide from getting inside,” said Hellard.

You should also avoid backfeeding your generator. When it comes to space heaters, Hellard said you should keep them about three feet away from anything combustible. Also, make sure you have them set up on a level surface.

Herndon said never to assume your neighbor has called in an outage. If OG&E is your service provider, you can report an outage by calling 1-800-522-6870. You can also visit the provider’s website.