FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Cleaning up Lake Fayetteville is going to take some extensive work, according to a local engineering firm.  

Olsson Engineering conducted a study and is ready to reveal what it found. 

This study took one year to complete and was funded by the Fayetteville City Council in an effort to improve the water quality in the lake. The firm has several ideas on how to clean up the lake in the short and long term. 

Several ideas were presented to the environmental action committee, one of which includes creating a channel where a clear creek would feed into the lake and catch the sediment. 

Another idea the firm presented was aeration. According to the firm, aeration is the process of introducing oxygen into the water with four compressors that would surround the lake.  

Blake Berry grew up in Fayetteville and enjoys coming to the lake to fish. 

“Been fishing here my entire life,” said Berry.  

He believes it would increase the amount of people that come to visit the lake. 

“I fish out here a lot and it’s not the cleanest lake there is, so if they did clean it up, I’d be okay with it especially if there is a designated swimming area,” said Berry.   

He even thinks Fayetteville could adopt some ideas from surrounding areas.

“We went to a beach on one of the lakes in Bella Vista. And it was really nice. They had brought sand in and umbrellas up and concession stands,” said Berry.

Olsson also urged the committee to find long-term solutions.  

Some of the long-term solutions suggested were stream bank stabilization, creating conservation areas, and building regional detention ponds. 

Another suggestion submitted by the firm is pushing for proper lawn care and pet waste disposal. As well as planting native vegetation.